Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Oh, hello you

Let's get cozy, shall we?

We'll feel homey with these Anthropologie sweaters and vests...

And feel warm and fuzzy inside, drinking hot vanilla lattes out of these...

(reform school: flavour design bowls)

as we write sweet, sweet messages to lover(s) on these cute pink elephant notecards from Red Cap Cards.

And then we'll watch Johnny Depp and Juliette Binoche eat chocolate and fall in Chocolat.

This will, in turn, make us want to eat chocolate. So then we'll make and eat our own truffles and sleep happy...!


I have MANY..and I'm now starting with #1 on my list...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mustard and Sage (Yum!)

Thank you, Mustard & Sage!

I am a happy receiver of the "Pay-It-Forward" giveaway...
Can't wait to see what I get! :) What a good idea...

And then! can't wait to pay-it-forward myself...! 

Check out the blog- she posts some cool stuff that I like and I'm sure you will like, too. ;)

Cool weather calls for some cool clothes

Man- gloomy, cooler weather is no good for my body. This year, however, I am looking forward to fall- I think more so because fall time means CHANGE. And I am ready for some change... :)

I don't like cold weather, but cute outfits like these, will help me get through it and enjoy the low 60s, 50s.. 40s, maybe even 30 degrees.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Outfit of the day

With my mood + gloomy/cloudy weather, I want to wear THIS today (by Vince) ....

Friday, September 25, 2009

Something's cook'n in the kitch'n

So...... in the past 3 days I made a chocolate mud pie, attempted to make another choco-mud-pie, attempted to make 15 truffles, and completed (and ate) about 100 dumplings. Um, okay, I just helped with the mixing and folding of the dumpling. ;) Even still, my dumplings looked the prettiest!

It was my first time making mud pie and it didn't fail. (Yay!). It was edible and gone in a day--every little graham crack crumb, gone!

Hm, doesn't look too appetizing without the whip cream and chocolate shavings!  But nonetheless, it was good for my very first pie. My pie is on graham cracker crust (aka. graham cracker crumbs + butter).

Purtty good, but I wanted to try mud pie with a dough crust. So...
Last night I attempted to make pie #2! Making the dough was pretty easy, but it needs to chill for some time in fridge. Rolling out the dough and making the crust was my favorite part. Using my hands--my palms, fingers-- to pat that dough down and roll it with a pin. I haven't done this since.... I do not know.

I do have to mention, though, during my frenzy in the kitchen last night...
1. I let the chocolate pudding of mud pie #2 burn and it kind of lava'ed out all over the kitchen...yeahhhh...
2. I attempted to make truffles. I had the directions to make 30, but in my attempt to make half the serving, I didn't half all of my ingredients...ya know? I was tired, and at this point it was like my 5th hour running around the kitchen.
3. I ate a lot of dumplings.
Happy weekend!
My weekend will consist of working, reading and MC-ing a cultural/music show on Sunday. Connie's hair-makeup-wardrobe team (aka me, myself and i) best be ready!
Coming up event: National Book Festival in DC Saturday, 9/26. Authors like Judy Blume (eek!) and John Grisham will be gracing the Nat'l Mall.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall-ing in style

Yesterday was the first day of fall...which means time to get into full gear for the new season!

This fall's trends include leather jackets, high, high heels (in suede or with studs), bright-colored accessories, and dark tights!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oh, the places you go!

Take a look at this hotel room!

It's from The Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin. This "hotel" has 30 distinct rooms, each designed by artist Lars Stroschen. One room has  "coffins" as beds and another has a lion's cage to be used as a sleeping quarter..!


This past weekend, I attended the annual K-Fest (K= KORUS= Korea + USA) in Virginia to get immersed into my motherland's culture.
For the few hours I was there, with thousands of other Koreans and a handful of others, I was in KOREA, swept away with the common street foods, like ddukbokki (spicy rice cakes) and kimbap (rice, veggies and meat rolled in toasted seaweed), music (with actual Korean singers from the motherland), and dance performances (including my little brother, bboys AND the popular Kaba Modern from America's Best Dance Crew). 'Twas a fun event for all ages, indeed.

Pictures from K-Fest coming soon... but before that, here are some national flags that will tickle your taste buds.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pass me a slice of that pie

Sometimes we give ourselves the weekends to cook up something or bake some delectable dessert to share with others.

I plan on making something (dessert genre) maybe tonight or Sunday after church... Hm. Actually I don't really plan to, but I hope to!

For now, I'm just drooling over these cheesecake-marbled brownies and chocolate pudding pie
(both from one of my fave food blogs, Smitten Kitchen).

The chocolate pudding pie reminds me of my childhood, worry-free, biking in the sun days... ah...

Here's another chocolate pudding pie recipe from Williams-Sonoma.



Happy Weekend!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Owls & Elephants

Two animal characters I'm really into these days...

I've always liked drawing elephants, and owls are new to me. They are just fun animals in print, cut-outs, cartoons, etc...

How about in... clocks? A for awesome!

(by decoylab)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Girls' Night Out! Oct. 13-15th

LOVE fashion, accessories, FREE cocktails, samples, or just love hanging out with your girlfriends?!
Then THIS is the place to be! Shecky's Girls' Night Out in Washington D.C, Oct 13th-15th!

Shecky's Girls Night Out DC
Date: Tue.-Thu., Oct. 13th-15th, 2009
Time: 5-10pm
Place: DAR Constitution Hall
1776 D St. NW (17th & 18th Sts. NW)

A favor!When you go buy your ticket, at the checkout page, under "We're very curious! How did you hear about this event?," choose "Socialista" from the drop down menu and write in my full name: Connie Lee. (Thank you! *big hug*)

The cost of $25 will include access to see/buy the latest trends in fashion/style with up to 75% off, try out awesome beauty treatments, FREE cocktails and drinks, & best of all-- the GOODIE BAG, with cool products and gift certificates from Shiseido, Aveeno, The Body Shop, and more!

Woohoo! Can't wait! ;)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Like a tomato

With the summer saying it's farewell, my cherry tomato tree will be gone soon, too.
I'm not a huge fan of tomatoes, but I do love my cherry tomatoes.

They are so small, pretty and PERFECTLY shaped. They are the best when they are the purest red, and firm when bit into--I like how they sort of pop in your mouth.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Real flowers vs. paper flowers--all pretty!

I really like this arrangement and the vase...It seems effortless yet elegant and neat.

In other flower topics, I made paper flower pompoms this wknd!

The ones I made sort of remind me of my shower scrunchy because of the colors I chose.. haha. But they are pretty and can be used as decorations for an elegant party, bridal shower, engagement party, going away party, baby shower...etc....

You can add as many pompoms and leaves as you want!

Sidenote: you know you're getting older, when your friends start getting engaged!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Arts on Foot- D.C. Festival

It is raining this weekend...I thought it was supposed to be sunny! I even thought about hiking this weekend, too--packing my own bagged lunch and an iced bottle of water. refreshing!

Anywho- maybe i'll check out "Arts on Foot" on Saturday. It is an outdoor D.C. art festival off of Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop. I think this is an yearly event, but never been to it before.

I went to the Artscape event in Baltimore a few months ago and enjoyed the atmosphere of an outdoor art festival. I even snagged a pair of 1970's vintage stud earrings for...less than 10 bucks! :)

Art festivals are so fun--it gets me pumped up to make something creative!

Happy weekend!

Ps. Checking out a really neat exhibition/museum today...and then a girls' night hangout tnite. Hoping to come out alive [from the exhibition and hangout]. ;)

Eight years ago today...

I was in U.S. History class when I first heard about a commercial plane hitting the WTC. I was in that class for the next two hours before coming home early from school and watching the news for the next 12 hours...

Remembering 9/11.

It's already been 8years...!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Juliette Hogan
Winter '09 Collection