Friday, September 11, 2009

Arts on Foot- D.C. Festival

It is raining this weekend...I thought it was supposed to be sunny! I even thought about hiking this weekend, too--packing my own bagged lunch and an iced bottle of water. refreshing!

Anywho- maybe i'll check out "Arts on Foot" on Saturday. It is an outdoor D.C. art festival off of Gallery Place/Chinatown metro stop. I think this is an yearly event, but never been to it before.

I went to the Artscape event in Baltimore a few months ago and enjoyed the atmosphere of an outdoor art festival. I even snagged a pair of 1970's vintage stud earrings for...less than 10 bucks! :)

Art festivals are so fun--it gets me pumped up to make something creative!

Happy weekend!

Ps. Checking out a really neat exhibition/museum today...and then a girls' night hangout tnite. Hoping to come out alive [from the exhibition and hangout]. ;)

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