Friday, September 25, 2009

Something's cook'n in the kitch'n

So...... in the past 3 days I made a chocolate mud pie, attempted to make another choco-mud-pie, attempted to make 15 truffles, and completed (and ate) about 100 dumplings. Um, okay, I just helped with the mixing and folding of the dumpling. ;) Even still, my dumplings looked the prettiest!

It was my first time making mud pie and it didn't fail. (Yay!). It was edible and gone in a day--every little graham crack crumb, gone!

Hm, doesn't look too appetizing without the whip cream and chocolate shavings!  But nonetheless, it was good for my very first pie. My pie is on graham cracker crust (aka. graham cracker crumbs + butter).

Purtty good, but I wanted to try mud pie with a dough crust. So...
Last night I attempted to make pie #2! Making the dough was pretty easy, but it needs to chill for some time in fridge. Rolling out the dough and making the crust was my favorite part. Using my hands--my palms, fingers-- to pat that dough down and roll it with a pin. I haven't done this since.... I do not know.

I do have to mention, though, during my frenzy in the kitchen last night...
1. I let the chocolate pudding of mud pie #2 burn and it kind of lava'ed out all over the kitchen...yeahhhh...
2. I attempted to make truffles. I had the directions to make 30, but in my attempt to make half the serving, I didn't half all of my ingredients...ya know? I was tired, and at this point it was like my 5th hour running around the kitchen.
3. I ate a lot of dumplings.
Happy weekend!
My weekend will consist of working, reading and MC-ing a cultural/music show on Sunday. Connie's hair-makeup-wardrobe team (aka me, myself and i) best be ready!
Coming up event: National Book Festival in DC Saturday, 9/26. Authors like Judy Blume (eek!) and John Grisham will be gracing the Nat'l Mall.


  1. Aloha from HA VA II!!!
    The kitchen is smelling verry good!!! <3

  2. ALICE! Aloha from MD!!
    How is HA VA II! LOL
    If you were could taste my pie..