Monday, October 5, 2009

Dressing for Success-ing

Going back to the corporate world tomorrow....! Excited to work in D.C., but not too excited about wearing more "serious," work clothing. (Yeah, totally not shallow.) THUS, I am looking for some inspiration to look like the business-type (working in marketing), yet be hip, fashionable and cool. yeah-
What? I'm already hip, fashionable and cool? Aww, jeez, thanks... ha ha.

C'mon j-crew! Hit me up with that inspiration!

I see lots of ruffles and chunky jewelery...Hm, okay. Thank you, J-Crew wear-to-work clothing.

**Currently listening to: "I Keep Falling" by Lovers and Poets
"With a simple smile, you said 'hello.' That feeling burned into my soul; I knew I could not let you go. I keep falling...for you."

Sappy? YEAH! :)

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