Monday, April 5, 2010


Baseball season is now underway!
Hoping for a better/actually fun baseball season with the local teams...Go O's and Nats!

First pitch by Mr. Obama today for the Nats opening game vs. Philly.
He definitely looks less "frumpy" this year.
But... a Nats jacket and a White Sox hat???? c'mon............ (Go Cubs!)


  1. ok....not a better season after all, thus far

  2. that day, i think the game was literally 75% phillies fans in the entire stadium. the chants for "let's go phillies" were louder than the chants for "let's go nationals". embarrassing

  3. Ha, I know. oh, were you that one person who cheered for the Nats? :P Philly is too close to DC...every Philly vs. Nats game will probably be like this. -_-