Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Some more ideas for Community Hosting success...

1. Community hosts need to be consistent with updates/blogs
       - i.e. "Picture of the week" / "Trivia Tuesdays" / "Friday Finds"/ "Athlete of the month"

2. Hold contests/ giveaways to encourage citizen reports and pictures onto site

       - i.e. Users create quote bubbles for photo (by News Channel 8 photographer); the best/funniest wins

3. Use multimedia (ie. videos/ surveys) to keep pages active and fun
        - "Outing" videos with talent  (ie. at the golfing range with anchor Pamela Brown)
        - Organize man-on-the-street-questioning at sporting events and upload findings on personal page (like Jay Leno's  "Jaywalking" series)

4. Listen first, and then speak/post
        - Hear what the community wants and follow through with it (i.e. community wants to know more about Greivis Vasquez; post previous News Channel 8 stories on him and score an interview or organize LIVE chat with him and fans)

5. Use fun business cards  (ie. postcards/magnets/coasters) to spread the word about the new news site

6. Request partnerships with local businesses through a win-win plan (i.e. news site users receive 15% off their purchase at Dick's on Tuesday)

7. Be physically active in community
        - Take video and blog about my yoga/pilates/ ZUMBA classes and get those communities involved

8. Allow community to be actively involved 
       - i.e. "Community Challenge" --> contributors throw out a challenge for the community and/or community host. Whoever completes challenge will post experiences and get voted on. Winner gets most votes and a prize.

9. Incorporate some sort of game or interactive system where users will have the urge and the need to sign onto site (ie. the success of Farmville and  TheSixtyOne
         - I.e. Game: News Mania (like Cake Mania, but producing news, not cakes)

10. Take community behind the scenes
         - Everyone loves getting the scoop on what happens behind/beyond the cameras. With the partnerships of WJLA and News Channel 8, metro site can take advantage.

11. Last, but not the least, have FUN with it all
         - Be open to changes and criticisms; and be creative.