Thursday, January 13, 2011

If I went on a safari...

Or lived in the jungle with my Tarzan, I would wear these:

Appropriately named.
Is this in style in 2011?  
Not a big khaki girl, but if I were cast in Jumanji 2...
I'd dig it. 

Zebras are pretty animals. Elegant. 
So I'd wear this. 

I've been seeing a lot of these "anorak" jackets.
The jungle gets a lot of rain doesn't it? This would be perfect--
Except this is silk- can I still get wet?
Now, I just need a hat...

Delux Knitwits 'Cable Dog' Pilot Hat (Girls)
Hm, don't think this is waterproof- 
Or safari/jungle-like, but I just like this.
Moving forward...

Now if I ever wanted to go Angelina-Jolie in the jungle...
Or on a safari...
This outfit would be perfect.
Just get me a shooting device.
I would need a weapon...
because I will not be able to do a windmill kick in this. 

In this...
I could do my windmills, somersaults, and
Also wail and flail my arms,
as I wait for Tarzan to save me.

I see a lot of zebra print for Spring 2011.
This means I'm going on lots of safari's in the next few months.

I could do this--
this is doable.
One with nature. 

If an angel ever needed to come down into the jungle...
or save me from a treacherous safari situation--
I expect her to be wearing this. 
(Yes, I see the 'silk' trend here...)

These will help during the soggy days in the jungle-
won't have to worry about my pants cuffs getting wet.
I knew this style would be in/come back! 

I could probably command-o my own safari troupe in this.
I'd put a walkie-talkie in the left pocket,
And one hand in the right pocket with a Swiss-army pocket knife.
The other hand is holding up a peace sign, of course. 

I'm ready to go on some safari's this Spring 2011-
I have an adventure book to fill.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tell me the truth

Is the "truth" always just an interpretation?

I only know of one truth in the whole wide world. 

Happy 1.11.11.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Now Playing... It's 2011.

The first ever- January 2011 Playlist:
  • New Shoes - Paolo Nutini
  • Two Birds - Regina Spektor
  • And The World Turned - The Gabe Dixon Band
  • Your Love is Strong - Jon Foreman
  • Good Girl, Bad Girl - Miss A
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - Straight No Chaser
  • It Stops Today - Colbie Caillat
  • Stereo Love - Edward Maya 
  • Never Finish - Leigh Nash
  • You're Beautiful - Paul Wickham 
  • You're Beautiful - Paul Wickham
  • You're Beautiful - Paul Wickham

Yes, I have a song on repeat. 

Monday, January 3, 2011


- To eating bread every day
- To being an honest person
- To new hopes and dreams